Acknowledging and Celebrating Personal Victories and Success

July 16, 2014

I have noticed recently that many of us deflect compliments and tell ourselves that what we have done is not such a big deal, even if we know in our hearts and minds that what we did was a significant accomplishment for us. I was giving a swim clinic recently, and one of the parents asked me what advice I would give to my 10 year old self. Without a moment’s delay I knew exactly what it would be. I would tell myself to appreciate how good I was. Looking back I know that I never did it enough. I rarely appreciated the gifts I was given and how I used them. I was often focused on what I could have done better. While it is important to learn from our mistakes and failures, it is equally important to acknowledge and celebrate our successes. Take some time to celebrate and give yourself credit for what you have done well this month!