Inspirational Speaking

Selected speaking topics:

  • Overcoming and conquering obstacles – As with probably all Olympians, there were a lot of challenges for Misty along the way. In 1996, she just barely missed making the Olympic team by 3 one-hundredths of a second. Then in 1998 FINA, the international governing body of swimming, changed a rule that limited a technique that was her trademark. Although difficult at the time, all of these challenges gave her the perspective and character needed to win gold in 2000. Using her real life examples, Misty talks about obstacles we all face on a daily basis and how to overcome them. Participants learn how to approach challenges as a positive and cultivate skills that create solutions and outcomes.
  • Innovation and leadership – Misty developed a new swimming technique to help her secure the gold medal. Her underwater dolphin kick is now widely used throughout the sport. Misty shares insight on how to innovate your personal and professional life. She’ll share practical steps to help individuals tap into their full leadership potential.
  • Teamwork – While swimming is a team sport, it relies on individuals working together for a common goal. Using the symbol of the U.S.A. swim cap, among other tangible examples, Misty presents a motivational and inspiring presentation on working as a team – whether it is in sports or the workplace.
  • Health and wellness – The transition from Olympian to post-athlete wasn’t always easy. Striving on the routine as an athlete, Misty was forced to prioritize and take time for her health and wellness when she created her own business. An uplifting and candid presentation, participants will leave with simple and easy ways to incorporate fitness and health to increase productivity in the workplace and their personal lives.

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