Swim Lessons Testimonials

Cindy (Swim Mom)

“Let’s put it in these terms… I was able to chat with Steph after I got home from a show that kept me away nearly all day on Sunday. She talked my ear off for nearly ½ hour ALL about the clinic. She was particularly intrigued by the mathematical formula and way to figure out how to maximize each length as well as how to calculate the impact on her time inevitably. She talked in detail about how Misty worked her breaths while on the block and while in a race. She talked about the MIT studies and how they used the findings of how fish swim through water to maximize how Misty was to do the same. She gave me details on how Misty worked carefully with her coaches to break ground on these techniques. And on and on… I have not heard her talk so much about 1 subject recently. It was VERY fun to see the wheels turning as to how she hopes this can/will impact her swimming.”