Corporate Testimonial

Suzanne Cain

Misty Hyman, Boris Becker and Lord Sebastian Coe were invited as speakers at a Deutsche Bank lecture series in London, on the theme of inspirational leadership.

Misty presented her story to about 150 bankers. Despite perhaps being the least known of the three (a USA Olympian speaking to a mostly European crowd) the audience was completely engaged, inspired and captivated by her journey to gold and beyond. She did a fantastic job of bringing together how lessons learnt as an elite athlete can be transferred to daily life and the workplace. Her personal story of over coming setbacks and how she changed the sport of swimming will provide never ending motivation for any team.

The feedback from the audience was incredibly positive and many commented on how she was one of the best and most positive speakers they have ever heard. She was so popular that Deutsche bank invited Misty back to host small groups of clients poolside at the 2012 Olympic swimming events 1 month later. I highly recommend her as a speaker to any business looking for a positive, inspirational and motivational speaker.

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